Island Detail is an automotive detailing company servicing the Victoria, BC and surrounding areas. Our team is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to producing extremely high levels of automotive reconditioning and cosmetic care, all while providing an amazing customer service experience.

Why have your car detailed?

People choose to have their cars professionally detailed for many different reasons. One of the most common reasons is selling or trading in a vehicle. Another reason we often hear is we are leaving on vacation and the car needs to be detailed before we leave. While both of these are good reasons to detail your vehicle, we believe that auto detailing should be considered routine maintenance much like changing your oil. Here are 5 reasons to have your car detailed often.

  • It will help keep the re-sale value high
  • Having your vehicle detailed is convenient.
  • Frequent detailing keeps your vehicle looking great!
  • The interior of your car will be a healthier place to be.
  • Amazing customer service!

Specialty Services

Headlight Restoration →
Can’t see at night? We can fix those cloudy headlights.
Truck Bedliners →
Looks great and adds longevity to your vehicle. Come by for a free estimate.
I AM IN AWE!!!! It is absolutely fabulous! I LOVE IT!! Now I want to keep it! Thank you so much Ian :)

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